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homebannerKanesha Morrison is a wife and mother of 3 boys under the age of 6. She went from begging to being on welfare to earning 6 figures a year in under 9 months with her organization. In order to be all God has called you to be, you have to ask, believe and achieve. She spends her time doing JUST that. Leading 20,000 women and growing daily through her makeup company how to dream BIG and go for what they want in life. When life thought it was going to leave her busted, Kanesha decided she was going to BUST OUT and she is helping women do the same. Kanesha strives to show all women the blingy lifestyle.

Kanesha loves to speak at workshops, conferences, and other speaking engagements. She loves to make women feel beautiful so doing makeup and spa parties are a MUST! You can also join her on her makeup journey and get one on one mentoring from her.

In Kanesha’s free time she loves to travel, read and help other mothers be stay at home moms too.

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