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Helping women achieve the Blingy Lifestyle

Helping women achieve the Blingy Lifestyle

HEY girl HEY!! Welcome!!
I’m Kanesha Morrison and I am so honored to have you here! Let me cut to the chase, I know you do not have time to waste. I am the oldest child of 4 girls coming from a single mother household. She always expected the best out of us. And myself being the eldest I felt like it was my duty to make sure I was the caregiver. I found myself 17 high off of life headed to college. I was going to be a cheerleader for one of the best cheer programs in the USA. I had it all planned out! That was why I graduated high year and half early. I was ready for the GROWN FOLKS LIFE.

Come time to go to school in Aug like all my friend were I found myself pregnant. Pregnant by a “dude” that was not even my boyfriend. What was I going to do with a baby? I had dreams and I wanted to show the world! I did every good girl wants to do. I married the dad. I kept going to school. I worked full time while going to school full time. I found myself pregnant AGAIN! And AGAIN 2 years after that! You would like I would how to prevent this at some point. It’s okay go ahead and laugh. I had to laugh too, to keep from crying that is.

23, pregnant, on bedrest, and depressed. That was me. I was hanging on to life by the thread. I was done. I failed. I quit. I gave up. I didn’t want anymore punches that life had for me. We were broke. I was busted. My hubby was working 50 hours a week for pennies on the dollar and it was just not enough. I knew I wanted more, but do not see more. Had no clue what it looked like. I just knew I wanted the life that I saw on tv. You know the blingy life. I joined my company and my entire mindset changed. My life changed. I had achieved what I thought was the blingy life. I was able to pay all my bills for the first time. Not have to worry about Thanksgiving Dinner or Christmas. I have been BROKER than BROKE. But I learned there was more to life than just watching others win at this thing called life. I made it my mission to help other women achieve whatever the blingy life looks like to them.

Seat back. Relax. And join the blingy life with me. Join my VIP club so you next miss what is going on.





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