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I went to Periscope last night to test out my new microphone and some kind of way I ended up talking about the equipment that I was using. Well, you know me, I am very frugal. I love how they made up a word just to keep from calling people like me cheap. Lol. I will admit it. I am cheap. I love to save my money. I have been poor and I rather not go back there. I have four kids and I will have to pay for college someday. Someday very soon. Can you believe our oldest will be sixteen in three months? I am still in shock! Anyways, I have to save as much as possible so I research for hours before buying the right things. So here is what I use for my home videoing when you see my book case behind me.

I want to save you money, make sure to check out through your Ebates account so you can earn cash back. If you do not have ebates yet, make this apart of your New Year of saving money. You need to use ebates. I have earned $144.00 cash back and I am pretty proud of it! Here my referral link. :) Get it! Save yourself some money!


​I love this lighting system. It’s affordable and the owner is so sweet. I didn’t know what the covers were and throw one away. Months later, I read the directions. (No, women do not read directions either, lol) and realized it was suppose to go over the light hood. I emailed the company for another one to replace the one I threw away, and they gave it to me FREE! Customer services means everything to me, so I had to share his information. Also, this system is on sale right now for $65.00 so make your way over there asap. Here is the link to the light system. I just love mine!



​The tripod that I used to hold my phone it’s super cool to me. I  had the kind of tripod that you can bend the legs too and I thought it was good but this one is my favorite. I have owned several and I find myself going back to this one. Now you can be fancy and even get one with a remote. However I didn’t because my sole purpose for this tripod  was to record videos and record meetings so without the remote was best for me. The remote is to activate the camera to take selfies and photos for you. The greatest feature to me for this $10.00 tripod is the fact the legs expend! I am very short so with all the legs open and seating on a table I can easier record like a home party I am doing, a vendor event and take that video back to my team. It’s amazing. And for $10.00 you can’t beat it! It even comes with a little carrying case for you! Remember to activate your Ebates account so you can get cash back on it as well. Every little bit helps. 😉


The last piece to my little fancy office set up is new to me. I just used it for the first time 1/5/16 during a periscope I did. You can find all my periscope replays at my Youtube channel. (come subscribe).​

I seriously do not know how I made it two years doing videos without a clip on microphone. Everyone was telling me how amazing I sound on the periscope. I was clear and more professional. I just loved the feedback I received! The mic even came with a carrying case. I am all about buying things that has built in storage for me. The mic was $17.99 and yes, it’s on Prime. Don’t we just LOVE Prime! If you are not on prime make time to join! The free 2 day shipping itself pays the $99.00 for you! Trust me! Alot of the things I post here are from Amazon and I want you to save. Remember, again check out through Ebates. Make that extra month!




So, if you are keeping up with me, your light system is $65.00 your tripod is $11.00 and your mic is $18.00, so for a whopping $95.00 you have a complete kit. I didn’t get all of this at once, I got the lights in June, the tripod in Sept, and the mic on January 1st, 2016. Take your time if you have to or buy it all at once. Either way, I know this system is amazing and you will be too. I use my book case as my background, you can use a blank wall or a colored wall in home your until you get your set up complete. I can’t wait to see your set up photos! Make sure to send them too me or post below in the comments so I can see them!

Now if you video on the go, like I do, you HAVE to get lights on of these phone cases. I love it! Warning it’s very bright and could blind you, lol, but it makes your evening videos and selfies look AMAZING. Every one needs one of these Diva Cases. LuMee really showed out with this case.  You can also get it right from their site and alot of times you can get it with a coupon.  Here is me with it on my birthday! I love it!




Well, there you have it! All of what I use in a nutshell! Happy Savings!

Do you currently have a light set up? What lights do you use? Any video tips you want to offer?